With nearly two centuries of combined musical experience, the Bull City Blues Band still manages to stumble onto (and sometimes off of) the stage, playing their unique blend of uptown downhome blues. 

The Bull City Blues Band formed in 1991 and after some transitions settled on the lineup of  leader and founder, Charlley Piedmont SlimJim  Ward on vocals and guitar, John muss'n Fussell on guitar,  Eddie work-release Werz on bass and Dana stronger than dirt Thalheimer on drums.  Back then, the band played all around the triangle and seemingly every other weekend at the 42nd St. Oyster Bar.  In the mid 90s, Charlley moved to Greensboro and the band went on a 20 year hiatus.  In 2015, Charlley moved back to the Triangle area and said "we're putting the band back together."

Picking up where they left off, the band revived its old material and added a variety of new covers and originals.  In 2017, John chose another path and the inimitable Daniel makes noise Anderson joined the band on guitar.  With Daniel on guitar the band again made it to the semi-finalist level at the International Blues Challenge.  Daniel has moved on to play with Jim Quick and Coastline.  The Bull City Blues Band continues with Ben Youngblood on guitar,  playing a variety of venues, shows, festivals and events in and around the Triangle.

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